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  • "Compare the silent rose of the sun And rain, the blood-rose living in its smell, With this paper, this dust. That states the point." ~ Wallace Stevens


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i am very glad you posted commentary on the snowman. i am doing a prooject on wallace stevens and it was nice to get input from someone else; since that is the poem i am featuring.

Thanks for your commentary because I am an English teacher at Edsel Ford High School and did not comprehend the poem. That helped me a lot because I didn't want my students to think I'm stupid. Well anyways thanks for your help.

Note to McDonough, an English teacher who sent a comment: anyway does not have an s at the end.

I just want to say that I enjoy viewing your travels and experiences..... I'm enthralled by Japanese culture, history, cuisine, and history. Your blog has been an interesting find for me and I will visit it often. Thank you for making this person's life happier, by seeing your pictures and hearing of your fun experiences it gives me a little happiness of my own, and helps me to imagine what it would be like to see it for myself. Thank you and may you have eternal happiness.

i am very glad you posted commentary on the snowman.

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