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  • "Compare the silent rose of the sun. And rain, the blood-rose living in its smell, With this paper, this dust. That states the point." ~ Wallace Stevens


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March 01, 2006


I really appreciate your, I always responded from a gut level to his imagery. There's a word I can't seem to recall for encrusted baroque layers like piled barnacles...his textures and colors slide under me like an enscorcelled carpet ready for a midnight ride.


i hope you remember that word...

i love your phrase: "an enscorcelled carpet ready for a midnight ride." Yes!

he also makes it clear in this poem that he wants to 'think' : ' de pensee...keep the laborers shouldering plints, pass the whole life...'

and he wants to *hear* the word-music 'earing the clink of the stone-cutters cutting the stones.'

another motif that recurs: cocks, although here one might think it's a play on clock-tops as in clock-towers. he was very subtle that way.

Corruscated...I think that's the word I was looking for, but my Compact OED is in a box somewheres and the Internet is not offering a definition.

Mr. Stevens gives me hope for lots of reasons. He wrote these brilliant things while working a fairly high-level day job. He challenges me (yes, to think and listen.) Thanks for the pointing to more of his full spectrum.

hi lori,

yes, he gives me hope in that way too. that's why i'm doing this weblog.

you and stevens share a love of the OED. He found many of his more obscure and exotic words there. to me he represents the pure essence of 'the poet.' The fact that he worked the day job as lawyer for an insurance company, 'composed' while walking to work, rather than being of the leisured class, is very inspiring.

Interesting poem thanks, sounds very sad on my guess, this remember me on the tv show dr house when he took away the bandage of a patient eyes and he ask her what did you see, and she answer looking at him saying, you look sad :S

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