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  • "Compare the silent rose of the sun. And rain, the blood-rose living in its smell, With this paper, this dust. That states the point." ~ Wallace Stevens


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July 21, 2006


Gosh...painting ANYTHING seems a feeble effort, when one can paint with words the way he did.

A beautiful selection.

hi lori,

yes, isn't the word-painting wonderful? there are some books written on stevens' appreciation of art, especially painting, and i would certainly love to find the time to read them! in the meantime, i can just enjoy the paintings, er, i mean 'poems' themselves...

Yes it really is a great poem. I was just wondering if you happen to know what the french (I believe its french) text in the 4th verse means:
"c'etait mon enfant, mon bijou, mon ame."

The French means: this was my child, my jewel, my soul.

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Nice poem.

another excellent work post it in this site, you know how much hard is find a good site with good material? well the answer is obvious.

This poem is a touching poem so I think it had been perfect if the person who did it had added more rhymes to the poem because I think those are the best poems.m10m

Kinda similar of my child experience. You struck me again wallace. Nice one.

I really enjoyed this great post and you are very talented and interesting. I really appreciate this excellent post.



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