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  • "Compare the silent rose of the sun. And rain, the blood-rose living in its smell, With this paper, this dust. That states the point." ~ Wallace Stevens


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September 02, 2006


Am down in San Antonio for a long weekend, and it is interesting how the humid air carries sound better.

Snippets of conversations seem almost telepathically overheard, and the moisture in the air holds sound for a tiny echoing moment longer.

Lovely lovely poem bit, as ever -- thanks.

It could be that birds flutter as they rise up and shake the leaves of the trees.

What a wonderful poem. The first three lines capture sound and rhythm beautifully, but it is the last line that makes it more than a jingle. "There is no spring in Florida ..." No spring: no renewal, rebirth, renaissance? And you will not find spring, rebirth, in a "boskage perdue." A boskage is a dense thicket, and perdue means a close place of concealment, but its second meaning is one accustomed to, or employed in, desperate enterprises, therefore reckless or hopeless. Nor will you find it on "nunnery beaches." On a beach, you are in the open, the opposite of a boskage, but a nunnery is a place of cloister, of another kind of concealment, or shield perhaps against the world. So neither will avail - there is no spring in Florida.

Clean tiles and grout lines with liquid detergent.

I love these comments - except for the clean tiles one - and I think Stevens was fascinated by Florida, even though there is no Spring there.

i love how he brings sound into the already musical poetry.

I'm writing all these comments because I'm trying to fill up the comments column with something other than ads for viagra and cialis. I really ought to have changed my comments settings many years ago. I love WS poems and would also love to get back to posting some new ones with commentaries.

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